Who We Are

Spedding Research Solutions is a “micro-TPE” (2 employees, but many research contracts and collaborations) located in Le Vésinet, France, strongly committed to the battle against COVID and ALS.

Our little SAS is surfing on very original and promising global research.

  • We have developed a drug for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), ready for phase II in Australia.
  • In recent months we have discovered (along with Pasteur and our network of global experts) that this drug could potentially be used in the treatment of COVID, and for recovery. The rational is really innovative using metabolomics and could also target fibrosis. Development in India.

Michael Spedding, PhD, Hon FBPhS – President

  • He is among the 150 most cited researchers in France (2013-2020 by Clarivate, all disciplines)
  • 230+ full scientific papers, 20+ patents, ~40 compounds into formal preclinical research; 11 compounds into clinical development, one to market. Contributions to 3 other marketed drugs.
  • Thirty five years experience on Research Review Committees (Merrell Dow, Syntex, Servier), seeing every ways drugs can pass or fail.
  • Chairman of NC-IUPHAR (NC-IUPHAR, growing the committee from 15 subcommittees to 90!, 700 scientists, 100 publications), now secretary-general of IUPHAR linked to WHO from 2014
  • Elected to French Academy of Pharmacy, 2001; Fellow of British Pharmacological Society, 2005, Honorary Fellow 2017.
  • Construction of two research centres: SRIMC, Budapest; Croissy, Servier.
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